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Tech & Training Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd

We are a renowned corporate training house founded in the year 2008. We specialize in a range of Behavioral and IT training programs. We have already successfully conducted training for more than 100 companies globally. We have catered to a diverse range of industries from textile to pharmaceuticals, real estate to automobiles. Our trainings span a wide geography including Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi to name a few.

What’s more, we have conducted original scientific research that identified the mental process that the human brain goes through when making a buying decision.  We then deconstructed this internal decision making process into clear, manageable steps that equip sales people to literally sell the way that their prospects’ brains are hardwired to buy.

We are reputed for our quality corporate training in various IT skills. Our faculty includes Microsoft certified, Adobe certified and Oracle certified trainers, consistently delivering high quality of training services to our esteemed clients. We provide lifelong email support to all our participants. We provide advanced training materials that include simulators, set up files, reading manuals, practice data, tips-n-tricks, and several other useful materials for IT training programs.
We also offer a range of courses in soft skills, managerial skills and other behavioral skills. Our training programs in this area are based on process facilitation, a unique and effective method to enable the participant to learn and share the knowledge which contributes to the growth of an organization.
We also provide Outbound training, MS Office consulting, Virtual classroom training, and Webinars.